Serving Those Who Serve Us

We are pioneers in Servant Capital, a new model of Venture Philanthropy.  

We put ourselves in service to those front-line public servants who are serving our country and our communities.


“Risk and Return has proven to be much more than a source of capital and funding. The fund and it’s leadership are not only aligned with [our] mission-driven culture but have always made themselves available to lend their combined experiences, perspectives, and unmatched expertise in the government and healthcare markets to assist in our growth and ultimately the success of our partners — Risk and Return truly has embodied the premise of being a partner.”

“I have worked with many blue chip, Sand Hill Road VC’s, raising hundreds of millions. I have never in my startup career received the level of support, CEO coaching and assistance in future fundraising than I have from the team at R2. They are always available; to help with things from difficult decisions, business development and corporate strategy.  Selecting R2 as a lead for my seed round was one of the best decisions I have made since foundation.” 

“While many I encountered paid lip service to a mission while being primarily motivated by the path to an exit, you clearly believe that both must coexist, and are unwilling to sacrifice one for the other. I am thankful to have found you when we did, and you allowed us to take a different path that we would have otherwise, ultimately leading to where we are today, planning for an acquisition that everyone is excited about.


The problem we're solving

Volatile Environment
Our high-risk public servants (veterans, paramilitary, first responders, etc.) are accepting greater burden and risk in service to their country and communities.

The prevalence of behavioral health conditions among first responders is 50% greater than the general population.
Legacy Approaches
There has been no holistic approach to serving high-risk public servants, and there are many gaps in serving this community.

Clandestine service officers retiring from the CIA do not have access to the same PTSD resources as military veterans.
Crowded Space
This market is fragmented and poorly coordinated with over 38,000 entities. Recipients and donors find this landscape chaotic, redundant, and often inefficient. Moreover, this situation will become worse as charitable giving declines while needs remain high or, in some cases, increase.

Only 14% of veteran-service organizations receive more than $250K in annual contributions.
Victim Mindset
The dominant approach has been to treat this community as victims in need of assistance, rather than national assets with highly valuable experience and knowledge

Only one of the 14-top rated veteran and military charities approaches this community as a resource.

Solution by Community

Effective solution generation is accelerated by building and cultivating a renewed sense of community among those who know what it takes.

The Power of Purpose

Re-uniting this community with a clear sense of purpose and meaning catalyzes the development of more effective solutions.

Asset Framing

While this community is deserving of assistance, it is not viewed as a group of victims. Rather, it is a national resource of human performance knowledge that is deserving of investment.


Robert Nelsen

Founding Partner
Robert is a co-founder and a Managing Director of ARCH Venture Partners. He has played a significant role in the early sourcing, financing and development of more than 100 companies, including twenty-three which have reached valuations exceeding $1 billion.

Bob Kerrey

General Partner
Bob is Managing Director at Allen & Company. From 2001 to 2011 Mr. Kerrey was President of The New School, a university founded on democratic ideals and daring educational practices. From 1989 to 2001 Mr. Kerrey represented Nebraska in the Senate. Mr. Kerrey served as a U.S. Navy SEAL during the Vietnam War. For his service, he received the Medal of Honor.

Jeff Eggers

Managing Partner
Jeff was previously the Executive Director of the McChrystal Group Leadership Institute, and co-author of the U.S. best-selling book “Leaders: Myth and Reality”.  Following his military service as a Navy SEAL officer, he served five years at the White House as Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs.