The Akido platform is next-generation care delivery technology that powers our medical network.

Albedo is developing low-flying satellites that will capture visible and thermal imagery at the highest resolution commercially available.

Alto Neuroscience is pioneering an approach to psychiatric drug development that matches the right patient with the right Alto drug based on AI-derived brain biomarkers.

Arena Labs trains frontline clinicians and optimizes the human-centered skills needed to flourish in the high-stress and rapidly-changing landscape of healthcare.

Atom Computing builds truly scalable quantum computers out of individual atoms.

Babyation helps women navigate breast feeding & pumping with products and support.

Cognixion is developing the world's first brain computer interface with augmented reality wearable speech generating device.

Delix is pioneering a novel class of therapeutics, known as psychoplastogens, which promote rapid and enduring neuroplasticity, creating new treatments that are safe, fast-acting, and long lasting for people that depend on them.

Fluent Solar provides solar equipment and services to help its customers save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

ForceMetrics provides data analytics and enrichment applications for government agencies to empower law enforcement officers and public officials to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Forge Health is a healthcare platform that provides in-person and telehealth outpatient treatment for mental health, substance use, and associated trauma. 

HAAS Alert's advanced collision prevention service, Safety Cloud, sends real-time digital alerts from emergency vehicles to drivers and connected cars via vehicle dashboards, navigation applications, and smartphones to aid drivers earlier in making safer, smarter driving decisions.

Happy is an advanced wearable biometric platform that captures clinical grade, real world data for research and enabling real time companion diagnostics.

Machina Labs enables advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics, Machina Labs is developing Software-Defined Factories of the Future. The mission of the company is to develop modular manufacturing solutions that can be reconfigured to manufacture new products simply by changing the software.

Modality.ai pioneered technology to assess neurological and psychiatric conditions remotely or in clinical settings through AI-powered audio and visual measurements of patient conversations with their virtual agent. 

Moth+Flame is an award-winning developer of immersive training technology, pioneering the next decade of virtual reality learning for the private and public sector.

NeuroFlow empowers organizations to integrate mental health care population-wide, by weaving consumer and enterprise workflow software into a cohesive platform.

NightWare is a prescription wearable digital therapeutic device that helps reduce sleep disturbance related to Nightmare Disorder or nightmares from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Orbital Therapeutics aims to enhance global health by unleashing the full potential of RNA-based medicines to treat human disease. 

Paradigm is creating equitable access to clinical trials for any patient anywhere.

The Perimeter platform enables real-time communication across fire, law enforcement, emergency management and the public.

Phantom Neuro is a neurotechnology company that is enabling lifelike control of robotic orthopedic technologies. 

Pheast Therapeutics is a cancer immunotherapy company focused on developing novel checkpoint therapies to harness the innate immune system in the fight against cancer.

Phosphorus is the backbone tool to secure the rapidly growing and often unmonitored enterprise xIoT landscape.

By offering real-time, actionable data from callers, Prepared Live empowers emergency operators to focus on doing what they do best: saving lives.

Qntfy uses machine learning, AI and empathetic design to make complex psychological behavioral data accessible, scalable, and actionable for individuals and organizations.

Acquired by Sondermind

The Radius XR platform is a portable vision diagnostic and patient engagement system. 

Ravn creates and delivers useful edge data for National Security decision makers in real time.

Resilience (National Resilience) is a first-of-its-kind manufacturing and technology company dedicated to broadening access to complex medicines and protecting biopharmaceutical supply chains against disruption.

Rippl Care is a new kind of mental health company focused on seniors and obsessed with its clinicians.

Science develops advanced medical technologies at the frontier of humanity's capabilites and understanding.

Signos shows how your body reacts to what you eat in real time.

SiPhox Health is building next-generation diagnostics infrastructure both for the home and the central lab.

SkyFi makes on demand, high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery and analytics available to anyone who has access to a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Spear develops an Intelligent Human Performance Technology to enable organizations to optimize all facets of their human capital.

Wisdo Health is a Social Health platform that delivers healthier days through the power of community.

Xtremity is a premium medical device brand that develops advanced prosthetic socket technology.